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Iver Johnsons arms revolver info

I have an old Iver Johnsons revolver that I would like to find out a little about, caliber etc.
It is an Iver Johnsons Arms hammerless top break. The serial number on
the bottom of the trigger guard and under the release for the barrel
is 66195
On the bottom of the grip frame it has Pat. June 16 96, Aug.
25 96 or 98, and Sept. 6 04 Pend.
I can't find a caliber marking on it anywhere, and I'm curious as to
what caliber it is. 38 specials will fit in the cylinder about half the length of the 38 special and then stop.
I have a 38 S&W that fits in the cylinder pretty good. It is about 1/16th or so shorter than the cylinder, fits in the cylinder bore a little loose but not bad. The shell ejector seems to work fine with it. If I put the 38 S&W in the other end (barrel end) of the cylinder it will let the bullet go in but not the casing at all. So, I'm guessing it's got to be close.
I don't know what the difference is between the 38 short colt, 38 S&W and the 32 as far as size and if they would all fit into the same gun.
I'm pretty sure it's a centerfire.
It's not in very good shape and nothing I would try to shoot, but I want to hang it on the wall of my reloading room.
It's was my deceased brother-in-laws and thought it would make a nice keepsake.
I apprediate the help.
I'm going to try and download some pictures. Never done that before on here so hopefully I can.
Can't figure out pictures. Hopefully info is enough.
Thanks for the help
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