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Originally Posted by jmr40
With a $1,000 budget, Winchester EW. Street price should be just under $1,000. This gets you true CRF and a quality stock instead of the cheap tupperware versions sold by everyone else. Best buy in a do it all gun.
I just picked one up in .270 Win but I'm pretty sure it will be impossible to keep at or under $1000 with optics. I haven't found a price around cheaper than Bud's is offering and I looked for about six months before I bought my rifle. With shipping and FFL fees my used EW cost right at $800. Scope rings and bases I'm into it for another $400 not terribly over budget but still not cheap.

However the EW has some things I don't like about it. It feels a little thick through the wrist and forend but I've been spoiled by the McMillan Edge. I'm not a fan of the fluted barrel as well it looks cool but does nothing for the rifle IMO. Other than that I still have to shoot the rifle, hopefully this week sometime if the weather holds out I was going to shoot it yesterday but accidently left the ammuniton on top of the safe.

For $1000 you have a lot of options, and if you aren't in a hurry you can get a great rifle together. I'd start looking at all the pawn shops and LGS's used rack, find a rifle that fits the bill. I know you stated .30-06 or .308 but don't discount other cartridges as well. If you never hunt outside of FL there will be many other smaller cartridges that will serve you well. I'd spend about $300-350 on a decent used rifle, if I didn't like the stock I could pick up a decent Bell & Carlson stock for another $300, a good scope for another $300 and have around $100 left over for rings and mounts.
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