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I went the Savage route 3 years ago when I found a Mk II Mako (heavy barrel, unusual but functional stock) that evidently had been a distributor special when new. It came to me with very few rounds through the tube. At the moment I have BSA Sweet 22 scope on it but soon will change that out for a Nikon (stilll debating whether to get the BDC 150 reticle or the EFR). So far I get my best benchrest results with Wolf Match Extra (locally about $75 a brick). I shot a couple of boxes of Eley Tenex through it and got great results but not appreciably better than what I get with the significantly cheaper Wolf. I'd love to have an Annie, a Win 52 or a Kimber 82g, but until the lottery comes in, I'll happily settle for what I have.
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