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navigating the issues

Not looking to lawyer up or stir the pot.
Wasn't trying to badmouth Smith or Federal. Just looking for advise and well, I had to give details to do that. Imagine if I said, a gun blew up, they won't give me another one. What should I do?

I don't hold Smith liable for bad ammo but don't think I should either.
Seems like it would have been better pr to send another one than to push this onto me. I am guessing this is their first line of defense hoping I bite.

I came looking for advise and some some good ideas.

And yes, I am a little ticked that their offer was dealer cost not their cost.
And worst of all, why not send the bill to Federal. They have the gun, the casing, the lab and the opinion of an expert in their own lab.

It just doesn't sound the same when little ole' customer sends a complaint on heresay. Even if they are not liable, a 100 bucks out of their pocket is easier to cover than the manhourrs arguing over who is covering the cost.

I will call S&W tomorrow and share my thoughts:
  • I am disappointed that this letter came to me not the ammo manufacturer.
  • If they believe the pressure was too high then Federal should be involved. As it is old, they may already have proven issues with that lot for all we know.
  • As stated my letter to them, I have the box, the lot number even the price tag showing who sold it to me a.k.a. a local LGS.

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