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Originally Posted by MrToy
It is time for Glock, S&W, Ruger, HK, Win., Rem., Fed., to band together...
This is the problem and the solution.

Many of these big-name mfrs cannot simply stop selling to LEA and the govt. They have large & lucrative contracts with those entities, and that keeps profits high, employees employed, and all the wheels turning.

More to the point, those contracts are binding, so these mfrs would have to be willing to get their arses sued off in court.

So, combine "we lost a zillion dollars in revenue because we decided not to fulfill our contract to the govt" with "we got sued for another zillion dollars in court because we breached our contracts", and you get "a recipe for corporate bankruptcy".

Now if they were all to do this, then suing the entire industry would not be in the government's best interest, because the military and LEAs would have nowhere to go for their weapons and ammo. The resulting fallout would bring the issue to a head.

My pie-in-the-sky, optimistic dream is that the reason why those mfrs haven't yet acted is because they're trying to see if they have consensus, and if there's some way they can all act without being thrown in jail by the SEC for violations of their duty to protect their shareholders or something.

Corporate execs really hate to go to prison, because they always end up giving the blowjobs, not receiving them, as they are accustomed to.

Originally Posted by horatioo
govt agencies might just say okay and start buying guns from overseas.
Never gonna happen. Remember what happened with Beretta. The contract required Beretta to build a factory here in the USA specifically to avoid any risk, however remote, of a foreign country having any kind of control over the military's supply of weapons.
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