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Granted those professionals are probably antigun but they are usually very pro-confidentiality and against the demonization of those who need therapy.
I'm not in NY state but my experience has been that they are nutso on the topic of confidentiality. Many years ago, for reasons not pertinent to this discussion, I wanted to see what I looked like on a Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI). At the time, I was vice-president of the board of directors for a mental health halfway house, and there was a practicing clinical psychologist on the board. So I asked him if I could take the MMPI through his office. He didn't offer it, but he set me up through a testing center that did offer it.

But he didn't have the results returned to me, he had them returned to him. So I had to go to his office, where he described the results of MY test to me, but wouldn't show them to me. When I asked for the report, he refused to give it to me, citing a state law. When I looked up the state law, it specifically applied to psychiatrists, not licensed clinical psychologists, and it prohibited releasing patient records to third parties without the patient's permission. Clearly, irrespective of the fact the law didn't even apply to him, I was not a third party and if I was asking for the test results, I was obviously giving my assent to releasing them to me. He still refused.

In the end, I had to arrange with another psychologist friend to have the results transferred to him ... whereupon he handed them to me.

So, yes, I think it's safe to say that at least some mind benders are concerned about confidentiality.
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