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as for the ammo

It was indeed bought at a LGS in Fayetteville, NC.

As stated, it has the old sticky price tag from a label gun. Not only does it have the price, it has the LGS's name on it.

So I do have the box, the lot number etc.

40 is a caliber I have not used in some years so this sat around until I bought the shield.

After inspecting the gun, and swabbing the barrel, I went thru my stash and found the hollow points. I figured that would be a good test for the gun thinking if it these ran thru it then most any round nose would be fine.

So the question now is, do I buy another from Smith and hope to get reimbursed from Federal or do I hold out until Federal gets back to me.

Guess I will call the number from S&W provided and see if they have an opinion.

Thanks everyone for the feedback.

At that point, I can only hope Federal is honest and does take a look at it. I still have the box with the other rounds still in it.

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