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What is up with all of the .338 Lapua threads recently?..... The .338 Lapua doesn't come into it's own until you get out past 1500 yards. Until then, there are many calibers better suited for the job, including the .300 WM.

Like jmr40, I have great respect for talorce1's thoughts on the long range subject, and actually go back through his posts when I have a question or two.

I went out and watched a couple friends shoot at the 1,250 yard range yesterday, and neither of them were shooting a .30+ caliber gun. One was shooting a 6XC, which I was thoroughly impressed with, and the other was shooting a 7mm WSM. They were each hitting a 10" plate consistently, and the 6XC hit it 8 times in a row... I have never shot at that distance, but that is shooting sub-moa... with more than just environmental factors to figure in...
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