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i'm a oklahoman

google castle doctrine. LEO told me keep your attention on the perp, he might get back up. call 911 and keep it short and sweet" someone has been shot, here is my adress, i need police and paramedics here now." hang up the phone. if possible ( if the guy is dead, or ran off) put your weapon down, identify yourself as the resident and comply with all orders. remember to communicate clearly " I was in fear of my life. and that of my family". no, you will not automatically be arrested as long as it wasn't your mother-in-law lol, or someone you have any sort of relation to or with. do not tell the 911 operator "i just killed a guy"..."I blew that fools head off" etc etc. remember you are recorded when you call 911 so don't say anything that could be used against you later...he also said advised me not to watch the guy die then call police, u have the obligation to have help on the way, I can't speak for everyone on this forum but I hope to never have to take a mans life, I will if need be but do not relish the idea like some internet badasses. But if he is still a threat, by all means shoot again!
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