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Anschutz is pretty much the top of the heap but can get expensive, especially those based on the "54" action. The "64" based models are cheaper but have well known extraction/ejection issues. Prices run from $800+ for hunting model to $1200 for a 64 MPR to $3000 plus for a fully tricked out "54" based competition model.

If you can't swing an "Annie" then the next best thing is a CZ453 Varmint or American. The 453 has a better trigger than their 452 and 455 and I highly recommend the 453 if you can afford it but the 455 is a mighty fine rifle.

You can modify a 2-3MOA out of the box Ruger 10/22 into a well sub-MOA match rifle that will shoot as well or better than the CZ with enough time, work and money but you'll have $500-1000 into the little Ruger by the time you're done not counting the optics.

Keep in mind one more thing - ammo. You'll not only have to use $0.12-0.40/round match ammo to get the most out of your target rifle - you'll have to find the one brand and model of ammo that your individual rifle likes best and the only way to know which that is though trial and error. Wolf is usually a good place to start because so many 22s really like their target and match ammo.

My Anschutz 64 MPR with a Weaver T24 scope. The 2-stage trigger is adjustable but comes from the factory set at 9oz (4.5+4.5oz).

CZ453 Varmint with a Weaver T24 scope. It's a nice rifle but I sold it to buy the Annie.

My recent 10/22 benchrest build with a Kidd barrel and Weaver V24 scope. The VQ trigger shown has been replaced with a 1lb (8+8oz) Kidd 2-stage trigger.
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