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Here is an absolutely excellent article about using deadly force to protect yourself. It comes from Marty Hayes, the founder of the Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network and one of America's leading use of force experts.

Here's an excerpt to get you started, but you really need to read the whole thing.

Originally Posted by Marty Hayes in _What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know...

When a legitimate case of self defense (as opposed to a claim of self defense that is offered purely as a legal strategy) comes before the court, it can become pretty expensive, not only in dollars, but also in time and psychological and sociological impacts. For example, if you become the subject of your local newspaper’s headline news, your neighbors, your kids’ friends and even your professional contacts will likely pass judgment long before a jury does. Your kids may have to face accusations from their playmates that their father or mother is a killer, business associates may avoid working with you, and your neighbors may voice hurtful, ignorant opinions about the actions you took to survive. You might even lose your job because it is pretty hard to work if you are locked up in jail for murder if you cannot raise bail money. Do you think that losing your job and facing mounting legal bills might disrupt your family life, too?

These are only some of the reasons gun owners must understand when it is justifiable to use deadly force in self defense, as well as learning what to expect from the legal system if they are left with no viable alternatives and must shoot an attacker.
The booklet goes on to explain the circumstances under which deadly force can be legally justified, what happens immediately after a shooting, what you should say (and what you must not say!) to the officers when they arrive on scene, and what happens at each step throughout the judicial process. It's a good read & an important one.

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