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It seems that the 44 will do anything and everything that the 41 will do and with more choices in loads. Correct me if I'm wrong, but would I be better off with the 44 in the long run?

As been stated many times in this thread.......maybe.

While many here that reload scoff at the idea that ammo is hard to find and expensive, the truth to the matter is......if you don't reload, it is. A good friend of mine decided after shooting my revolvers with me, that he too wanted to handgun hunt for deer. The LGS had a .41 in stock and my friend jumped on it. Mainly because it was different.....and nobody else he knew had one. Fast forward a coupla years and it has been shot very little. Reason being, my friend does not reload metallic. Ammo is hard to find and when he does find it, it's expensive and not always what he wants. He has even tried to trade the gun to me for one of my .357s because of the ammo thing. His justification is....I reload so ammo would not be an issue. My excuse is....I don't need another caliber to reload. I have offered to let him use my press, all he needs to do is buy dies and components......but still the gun sits. Not the gun's's a nice gun in a good caliber. Maybe the ammo thing is just an excuse....I don't know, but I do know it is an issue that needs to be taken into account when considering one. Similar to my .460. You don't reload, you're picky about your ammo and your pockets are not bottomless....get something else.

Horse feathers. There will always be affectionados of the .41 Magnum who will be looking for a good used one.
I go to many estate type auctions, especially if there are firearms involved. The .41s don't bring the interest, the bids or the numbers that other more popular calibers do. While there are those that are fans, truth is, it is a niche caliber. The internet has done much to revive interest in it over the past few years, but not nearly as much as it has done for the .45 Colt. While it is a great caliber and there are many fine firearms out there for it, for many reasons, it is not the first one most folks go to look at when thinking about a new revolver. For many of those that are fans, like my friend, this is reason enough to have one.

Again as has been said many times in this thread. If you reload, the .41 is a viable choice. If you don't reload and don't intend to in the near future, there are better options out there. JMTCs.
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