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Time for the big name mfgs. to turn up the heat

Every body has seen the recent news stories about several gun product manufacturers deciding not to sell their products to government entities that ban those products from their citizens. I attended gun control bill hearings in Annapolis, MD ( MD is the home of Beretta USA) and a Beretta rep. gave very compelling testimony about how the draconian legislation being proposed here will effect them. I think we are reaching critical mass (just heard this morning that Colorado is on a rampage to take it's citizens gun rights) and think it is time for the big names to step up. I know business is usually reluctant to get into politics for fear of losing customers ( in this case government entities) but lets face it their US civilian market looks like it will be shrinking over night with the stroke of a pen. It is time for Glock, S&W, Ruger, HK, Win., Rem., Fed., to band together and tell the Feds, State and local governments and other gov't. agencies that if this stuff doesn't stop you will be buying civilians banned products from China.

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