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I am not sure of how it would work in Oklahoma but here in Utah it would go something like this. A home intruder comes into my home and I shoot him. Once I am certain he is down and not getting up I will call 911 or have one of my family members call. I will make sure I am not holding the firearm when the police arrive. It will be put in a safe place. I fully plan on being cuffed while they sort things out and they will certainly take possession of the firearm used for evidence. An arrest is not likely. After an investigation and a day or two without sleep not knowing if charges are coming, the prosecutor calls to inform me there will no charges filed and the shooting was justified. At least that is the way I hope it would go down.

On a side note 2 weeks ago here in Utah a man came home to find burglars attempting to break into his front door. The burglar had a crowbar in his hand. The man went to his car and grabbed a gun. The burglar then dropped the crowbar and ran. The man fired a "warning shot" in the air(at least that is what he told police). The police caught the suspects. The police returned the next day and arrested the home owner because his life was not being threatened when the shot was fired. I can't remember the exact charges but it is something along the lines of discharging a firearm in city limits.
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