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Reloading? Dive in. Head first. It's worth every penny. I started reloading for my .308, and I haven't saved a dime, but I sure shoot a heck of a lot more!

Regarding .308 for 1k; to each his own. It's well documented that it's capable of going to 1k and beyond assuming you have enough range in your optic for hold-overs / dopes, and can make the wind call. Others do it better, meaning less hold-over, less holds for wind, etc. etc.. but there aren't a lot of calibers that won't make it to a grand. Pick your poison.

Heavy bullets in fast twist rates are a requirement; again, well documented. However (maybe you can speak to these, Dan), I've got some Berger VLD hybrid 168gr that are supposed to be the cat's meow. Anybody else here tried these?

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