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I shoot 2 handed, modified weaver stance normally. I have been experimenting with Isosceles but after decades of weaver it is a hard change to make. I view my efforts as ok, but I need a lot of work. I am only at 15 yrds and putting 50 rounds into one target really shows where your skill or lack of skill kicks in. I find fatigue is my biggest issue. After about 35 rounds I start to scatter and that is where I need to focus more.

Today, I would have problems duplicating the targets above because I have not been shooting much in the last 6 months. Business and primers have held me back. Once I get through the crunch and get shooting again, I expect in 6 to 9 months I will be right back on track again.

Some day I will make the complete jump to 25 yrds, but for the short time, I am still going 15/25 depending on how many folks are at the range and what lanes are open.
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