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s&w warranty isn't bullet proof

Bought 40 cal shield in december.
used some old ammo, maybe 15 years old Federal, Hyra shock.
blew up on the 4th shot.
I have the box of ammo it came out of.

I sent them the gun, the head stamp I found on the ground and the brass was still in the gun. They inspected it at their lab.

Just got a letter from smith & wesson saying it was not a defective gun so they are not liable. They did offer another at cost.

I see their point but it isnt' my fault either. I was hoping they would either replace it or work something out with the bullet manufacturer instead of placing the burden on me. I know smith wants out of this but they are the ones with a lab and the expert results. It would carry more weight if they contacted Federal and worked this out.

Do I try to keep them on the hook and hope they would contact Federal on my behalf, take another at cost or what? Looking for advise.
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