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I have no history on this gun. It came into the gun shop I used to work in on trade and the owner let me buy it for what he had invested. It’s a Colt lower with a “22 Colt conversion unit”.
The weight, heft and balance are exactly the same as my Gold cup. This conversion works exactly like a normal 1911 in that the slide does lock back. It became my own personal training tool and I have let others use it for the basic 1911 platform. What I found surprising was that with the two piece barrel, the chamber portion slides back out of the barrel as the slide moves. The recoil is low but the feel of the guns function is very much like a 45.
With this gun and 100 rounds of 22LR, I had a young woman who had never shot a gun in her life to shooting a full sized 45ACP in one afternoon, and doing it well.
Price is a problem with a Colt, I haven’t seen a nice conversion upper go for less than 500$ in years. I have shot a Kimber but wasn’t impressed with the plastic magazine. But at 300+ it worked well.
For me the only one to go with is the Colt. You end up with a Gold cup upper (sights and top rail) and a package that I have never seen beat.
Spend the extra and find a nice used upper. Or buy an original Ace, $1500+, I saw one for sale online that was SN 34 built in the first year of production, 15,000$.
Or to save money, get a Ruger 22/45. For 350$ you get the grip angle and most of the controls are similar to the 1911 and it’s a nice 22. That way you’re never changing your Colt.
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