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Well, To start I had to adjust the pawls when i first got it. Not a super big deal but i just dropped a fair amount of money on it to have to be adjusting it.
Then i had a problem with the casings hanging up while loading 45acp while sizing/depriming. This forum+my metal lathe taking off .002 or so fixed that. (Before I turned the shellplate hornady sent me another one no charge. It didnt fix it.)
I have the exact opposite problem with longer cases such as 38 special and 44 mag. The retaining spring holds the cases to tight and they flare.I use hornady and rcbs dies. They both do it.
I know I can put my hand inside the press to line up the casings. What fun.
The slightest amount of powder that shakes out of the cases causes all sorts of fun problems. Primer hangups, indexing issues. Dissasemble/clean/lube/repeat. Yes I use hornady dry lube.(yes I use ALOT of air). At this point I am $700 between 5 shellplates lnl bushings and misc.
Done. Sold

I don't feel I should have to babysit this thing for that kind of money.

Btw 200 rnds through the new 650xl not even a hiccup. A

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