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I just wanted to thank everyone from giving me some answers on where to find the STI I wanted.

I asked my local guy who is a friend of mine, he called STI and they informed him it would be a very long wait.

However KyJim is the WINNER! Shooters Connection had in stock the exact hard to find model I was looking for... and I just placed my order.

I ordered the STI 5.0 Tactical SS (Single Stack) in 9mm. Will post pics when it arrives.

Yes I know a 1911 in 9mm is blasphemous.. but I just couldn't help myself. I will be replacing the grips with some VZ thin grips and bushings, and most likely swapping out the trigger for an STI short trigger.

To keep things fair for my local shop since he was willing to custom order one for me but I am rather impatient.. I told him to order me 6 Wilson Combat ETM 10round mags for it, and also will be having him switch the front sight probably to a fiber optic.
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