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Another vote for Gun Totin' Mamas stuff...Significant other carries in one daily with complete confidence.

Galco is her choice for when she wants a larger bag. Quality of the Galco is very high as well.

We both appreciate high quality goods and are not price sensitive. Our choices are based on what we want, not what we can afford.

In fact, we have found the purse to be a good and flexible approach to our needs, both as individuals and as a defensive team (since we are generally together). The bottom line is that it allows a woman to carry a larger (and thus likely more controllable) daily carry gun. Examole: she gets to carry a full sized Glock 19... I just carry a 36. I may be a better shooter than she, but she's better armed. And it's not unlikely that I would end up with her pistol in my hand in any of a number of scenarios: I can access it when we walk arm-in-arm on the street as well as she can. What's not to like about having your own gun-bearer?



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