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The .41 magnum cartridge was the result of several popular shooters in the 60's wanting a law enforcement firearm that was between the .357 and the 44 magnum. IIRC, Elmer Keith was one of those shooters, he wanted a lighter load for police carry and a heavy load for play. The .44 was considered way too much for the police ( the cartridge and the heavy gun ). When the cartridge came out unfortunately it was with a hot load and a hotter load and the guns S&W made for it were just as big and heavy as it's big brother. As A result, the cartridge never caught caught on with the police and a very excellent cartridge is falling by the way side. The facts are , in the hands of a capable shooter the 41 mag will do every thing but tap dance and bring you a beer. It does so will slightly lighter bullet and a little less recoil and a much flater trajectory. My Super Blackhawk is accurate and deadly on whitetail. JMHO and I have others
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