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Reynolds, from what I've gleaned from the BR worls, they'll use full length sizing dies made to reduce body diameter and set shoulders back aboiut .001" and size the neck to just hold the bullet to their desires. And those FL dies are often matched to fired case dimensions minus a tiny bit. That's minimal full length sizing and certainly prevents the accuracy robbing binding of neck only sized cases when they get big enough to touch the chamber body walls when chambered.

In the shoulder fired disciplines, they've got the same level of accuracy as the BR crowd uses for ranges 300 yards and beyond with standard retail Redding or RCBS full length bushing dies sizing fired case bodies down 2 to 3 thousandths and setting shoulders back only 2 of them but sizing necks just enough to hold bullets.

Both types of sizing tools and techniques place loaded bullets equally aligned with the bore when fired. There's more clearance around cases sized down more but no difference in accuracy they produce.
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