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I'm not sure whether or not drug legalization would be an overall benefit to society, but at any rate, I don't agree with his suggestion that it would reduce gun violence.

People involved in the drug trade tend to want to make lots of money with little or no effort. If it were legalized, I don't see them all running out to find legitimate jobs and working for a living. They will just find some other illicit activity to engage in, turf wars and associated violence will follow.
I disagree. the violent crime results of the illegal drug business are the following: a) Junkies, who cannot/can no longer afford the high price of drugs resulting from the drug's illegality, commit crimes on the general public to get funds to buy drugs; b) the drug gangs, because of the extremely high value of their inventory are actually robbed by other criminals quite often, and often violently. they keep and use weapons; c) non violent drug related crime produces early criminal convictions where young offenders are cycled into prisons and deeply immersed in a violent culture of existing felons.

I don't know where I fall on this. Legalizing highly addictive drugs can be said to put lots of young people at risk. But one cannot ignore the fact that the illegal nature of drugs creates a very high value for them. that high value, the distribution n bad neighborhoods of extremely high value inventory and the unending need for addicts to purchase expensive product does cause crime
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