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I haver a bunch of clips from different armories, austrian, nazi, hungarian stamps. The Nazi marked ammo I have is pretty easy to come by. $1 a round in original box at LGS. Its all over Gunbroker and other online places for as high as $5 a round and sometimes doesnt include the clip.
I bought this rifle from a Russian on gunbroker for $160 including s&h. I have a good relationship with LGS so I only paid NICS $17. With the pictured ammo im under $200.
I also found dies to reload the round and a couple of brass or boxer primed brands of ammo available. This rifle and round will undoubtedly die out because it was only used by one army, to my knowledge. The rarity (somewhat) of this particular one is that it is made in Budapest rather than Steyr.
Does anyone know what the H stamp stands for? I believe it would have been added when the rifle was re-chambered for 8x56 and I assumed it was the done in Hungary rather than Austria.

I would love to find an Ammo pouch as seen in the above picture. Any sources?
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