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Jacking upthe prices

I am new to this forum, but after reading this post and seeing how difficult it is to find ammo (9mm) in Tulsa, I thought I would post my thoughts. I mostly have some CCI target ammo, which is good, but I still want to have brass and JHP's. About a month ago I bought the last box of Federal 9mm FMJ blue box for about $14.00 and have'nt seen any at that store since. Less in the checks thanks to the way the people voted, so not as much to spend on ammo. Not as many trips to WalMart now.

Friday I went to Dongs Guns and Reloading and I left the store talking to myself saying. "That's wrong" repeatedly. The same Federal 9mm ammo from WM was $29.00 and there seemed to be a good supply of it. The UMC 250 round yellow case was $139.00. This is where I usually buy ammo so I hope the prices come down when the supply increases. I just could'nt believe the prices. They still had a good supply of guns but I thought there goes buying another gun if ammo is going to stay that high.
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