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S&W Model 58

I've got a modest collection of S&W pistols and I've previously owned several others over the years. One I wished I had back is the Model 13 I had in the late 80s, I didn't have the funds to keep them all back then.

Anyway, I've recently acquired a Model 58 and its already taken its place with my most treasured Smiths. I don't know if it had an action job in the past, but it is as smooth as the Teddy Jacobsen action job on my 29-2. I just love the feel of it. I put magnas on and the fell great to me. Its very accurate to and shoots close with my favorite loads. Only bad thing is, if it is indeed bad, is that it has a nickel finish and my collection is all blue. I even had a 3.5" S&W Model of 1950(I love that pistol, the Model 27 too by the way), but I traded it off because it was nickel. I had a chance to get a 3" Model 65 recently but didn't because it was nickel.

Well, I'm keeping this Model 58. I absolutely love it.

My most used Smiths, from the top: S&W Model 29-2 .44 magnum shipped in 1976. I got it in 1986 and have shot it a lot. It still works great. Next my new Model 58. I still haven't accurately dated it yet. Last, but not least my shipped in 1959 Model 19 no-dash. I got it in about 1991. I didn't even know what year it was made in, till I started getting intrested in Smith collecting 7-8 years ago. If I'd known it was rare, I'd have wore less blue off it and shot less full power 125 grain HP in it. Oh, well I don't want to sell it and it was made to shoot.

A few of my collection, taken 4-5 years ago while I was waxing them.

Its hard to get a good group photo, or good photos of long arms. I'm getting a new camera soon, maybe I ca do better.
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