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44 mag is going to be easier to find ammo for
To a hand loader, that means nothing.
44 mag has wider variety of loads both factory and hand loading
To a hand loader and bullet caster, that means nothing. We make our own. A hand loader has infinitely more "loads" available than he who foolishly pays the price for factory ammo.
44mag is going to be easier to resell should you have to someday.
Horse feathers. There will always be affectionados of the .41 Magnum who will be looking for a good used one.
There are more components available for the .44 than the .41 Magnum...
Not components, "commercial jacked bullets". But hand loaders and casters do not use these anyway. In short, the only "component" the hand loaders of the .41 Magnum need worry about are cases. However, there seems to be Starline, W-W, and Remington .41 magnum cases available from many mail-order firms, so that is not a significant problem for hand loaders and bullet casters.
When it comes to bullet molds, despite the fact that there are more available for the .44 caliber as opposed to the .41, there are sufficient .41's available for any purpose. Saeco, Lyman, RCBS, and Lee all produce .41 molds.
In short, the availability of specific "components" is a non-issue for those of us who are smart enough to have realized years ago that hand loading and casting eliminates such considerations. What? You cannot find a .41 Magnum primer?

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