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I am particularly pleased.....

....with the price on this revolver. In fact, I left the gunshow to come back to the house and check the value of a Smokewagon. It appeared that the price I paid is about a hundred less than market. So I went back to the show and bought it. No FFL fees, or shipping, Just 3.00 for the BI plus tax.

I need another revolver like a turtle needs seat belts but I couldn't pass up the deal.

There was a Rossi .357 saddle ring carbine for 429.00 which is about 30 bucks off the going rate too. I just bought a carbine in .45LC so I passed on that. There was also an H&R break open rifle in .45-70 with a two to eight scope for 359.00 which also appears to be about a hundred dollars shy of the market. All of these were NIB.

Ammunition is more plentiful. Still not very much but at least you can get some of the components. I bought some large pistol primers and some .357 brass.

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