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If hardcast and from a 6+ inch barrel, possibly. I would prefer a larger caliber. I have seen a 160gr HC fail to stop a porker.
That you have seen a hog get away in a singular incident is hardly a criterion. I had a complete through and through at the shoulder of a medium-sized hog (maybe 180 lbs) that sprayed tissue and blood on the feeder leg behind the hog at the time of the shooting, and the hog ran away. That was with a .308. I have had a hog run off after being hit with a .45-70. If the bullet fails to connect with the right vitals in the right manner, the hog is going to run, even if the shoulder/leg is shattered.

With that said...

If you do a further search here for .357 and hog/pig/boar, you will find lots of examples of folks using it successfully. Remember, the hunter still has to do his/her part.
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