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attended the Conestoga Firearms auction yesterday...

hundreds and hundreds of guns, ammo, reloading, books and everything else. The quality of the items approaches that of Sotheby's, I'm not kidding. You just don't get allot of Sotheby's buyers. Anyway, I bid on a few items and didn't get real close. But, my last bid, I hit the Mother Load. I got my Remington 121 Fieldmaster (22 caliber birdshot) pump action Smoothbore!!! These ran from 1936 to 1954. Bidding starts, me and another guy, that was it. Started at $300 and went up with only he and I bidding on it. There were four different variations on the Smoothbore and value differ greatly. Street price on this model is roughly $1200, right now. I bid $850 and won the prize!! This one stays with me. Take a look, smallest production shotgun ever made... :thumbsup:

coming home in the back of the Forester...

the last 12" of barrel the bore expands to about 45 caliber! It's a shotgun, basically...

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