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Using Bloomberg numbers to argue with the Star

My dad found a Bloomberg article that - amazingly - took a balanced approach to the gun control debate. I used it to buttress a complaint to the editorial staff at the Star (who still have not responded, and probably never will):

A publication owned by Mr MAIG himself had this to offer in the debate, last December; amazingly, it received very little attention from such news sources as (for example) The Kansas City Star:

The article points out that Gary Kleck's number of 2 Million per year is probably high, but that even David Hemenway (Harvard), a gun control advocate, concedes a number of 100,000 per year.

The Bloomberg article finds the more likely number to be between 250,000 and 370,000.

So, the CDC estimate of 250,000 seems to be on the low end of reasonable.

I find it very distressing that you, Ms Shelly, won't even deign to address hard numbers. I find it equally distressing, Mr. Donovan, that you don't see any problem with the steady assault on gun owners - in a nearly complete vacuum of facts - from Ms Shelly, Ms Sanchez, Mr Abouhalkah, and Mr Judge.

It almost seems like somebody in upper management or ownership is driving an agenda.


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