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How refreshing. Someone not looking for a $3,000 gun for $250. Both of those are quite good guns. They are both Berettas, and they both have single selective triggers and ejectors. Either would work for Skeet, or dove, but you may want something lighter if you intend to do a lot of walking, like after quail in Texas. I would go for the Hawk, because I love SxSs and cannot abide O/Us, but I am definitely in the minority. Before dropping that much coin on a gun you really ought to try and shoot a few different guns and see what you like, and which ones fit you best, so you have some idea of the stock dimensions you will need. In order to be able to hit flying targets with a shotgun, you need a reasonably good fit. Your eye is the rear sight, so it needs to go to the right place quickly - you do not sight it like a rifle.
For targets you usually want a heavier gun to soak up some recoil, but for the field you might want something lighter. Take a run over to Cabelas if you haven't and look and handle a few of hit some gun shows.. Do not think the dudes behind the counter are experts, because 99% of the time they assuredly are not. Cabelas are currently importing the Dickinson SxSs, and they are an excellent deal in a field SxS right now.
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