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When I was about 10 years old someone in the apartment above us had been shot, so my mom (extremely uneducated about firearms) decided to bring out her old 38 special revolver. At the time, I had never really been around guns, so I have no idea what the model was, but I pretty quickly understood that I did not want to treat a gun like she did that night. She brought it out of her drawer completely unaware of the fact that it had been sitting there loaded for years. She didn't know how to unload it and certainly didn't know the weapons safety rules.

After a few minutes of messing around with it, she tried to open the cylinder while her finger was on the trigger and discharged the weapon. The bullet came pretty close to me, but it didn't hit me. It ricocheted off of the linoleum tile and into the bathroom where it embedded itself into the side of the ceramic tub. She sold the weapon after that instead of trying to learn what she was doing, but I definitely learned a healthy respect for firearms that day. She's just lucky that the bullet hit the ceramic and didn't go into the next apartment.
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