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Thanks for reading my long post jad0110 and replying And thank you to everyone else who has replied..

I WILL KEEP THE GLOCK! I love Glocks so much, that's why I really really had a hard time thinking about trading them. I defiantly will not trade the Glock after reading posts on here. I am going to save up for a revolver !

The only reason I wanted a revolver was so that I could keep the Revolver as my truck gun INSTEAD of my Glock. I figured a wheelgun has a little better reliability as a truck gun that won't be maintened/cleaned that often. Since for example, let's say ammo from sitting in the car for years. Well in a semi-auto, ammo is much more an issue. With a Revolver, I've heard it can still fire the round even if the round is at 50%. Normally ammo won't go bad in a revolver, but possibly can in a semi-auto. Secondly, if a Revolver sat in a car for 2 years without ever being shot, cleaned, or lubed, I'd assume the revolver would be more likely to "go bang every-time" vs a semi-auto in the same circumstances due to the fact a revolver doesn't rely on lube/cleaning/ammo as much as semi-autos due, and also the revolver doesn't rely on a magazine like a semi auto does. So since the revolver in storage doesn't rely on lube/cleaning, ammo, or a magazine, I figure that is 3 advantages right off the bat for a revolver being a truck gun instead of semi. But I could be wrong.

Either way I'm keeping the Glock. Now that I've decided to keep the Glock and buy a revolver, now I can't decide which should be my "dedicated truck gun" - the Glock or the Revolver.
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