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Women & guns...

Pax had a good post. Women may have problems concealing or packing heat but as combat veteran & tactics trainer Clint Smith says; "Handguns are comforting, not comfortable."

I'd advise her to carry on her person too as much as she can. Bags, purses, packs, etc can be stolen or the gun owner could have weapon retention problems with a firearm in a off body location.
Some US firms & custom shops cater to female armed professionals & gun owners. See these sites; . New synthetics, polymers and materials make handgun holsters easy to clean or maintain. I'd also look at a few concealment garments or apparel that could hold a weapon, gear, ID, etc. Encourage her to carry spare rounds too. I've found that metal Altoids tins can hold 2 .38/.357 6rd speed strips.
Make sure she knows & understands any local gun/use of force laws BEFORE she carrys a firearm & have a qualified legal defense plan or atty ready to rep her if she has a critical incident, use of lethal force event. See .

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