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Wow! So many gun websites and emails, so much to follow up on. Now I know what poor Ed Hubel goes through keeping people updated on the 12 GA FH (by the way, a great thread to follow if you haven't seen it yet!)

Things have been quiet for the past few days since attorneys have traveled in from as far away as Chicago, Boston, New York City and Washington to assist with the planning of the class action lawsuit (titled Richard Dywinski and David Lefkowitz v. State of New York, et. al.). Tresmond Law has now made tracking the case easier than ever if you're on Facebook. Just search for "Tresmond Law" and click "Like".

Also, If you emailed Mr. Tresmond, you should receive an email update from him within the next couple days. If you want to be updated and are not on the email list, please email him at [email protected]

Again, all interested persons who have not emailed Mr. Tresmond's legal team are encouraged to do so immediately to receive updates. They have been contacted by over 35,000 gun owners and are swamped with work. If you have emailed and did not receive a reply, do not worry, they can't answer everyone individually, although they would like to, but they will be sending out mass updates shortly.

Thank you for your support!
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