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Auto Ordinance Carbine

I bought a AO Carbine about 5 years ago and was concerned about the parts and where it was made. Someone spread a rumor that the metal parts were made in the PI and the steel was Crap!! I called the company Kahr Arms and talked to one of their engineers and he told me that all parts were made in the US and to Military Specifications. That was enough for me. I have put about 2-3K rds downrange and never a FTF or FTE, all ammo went boom. I think that they are a reliable little Carbine as most Carbines are. I would rather have a .30 Carbine than a 9mm or some crap like that. If you are worried about the price of a WW2 carbine and you want a shooter, get the Auto Ordinance Carbine, Kahr Arms. Just thought you shoud know that AO owners are happy with theirs. Good luck with what ever M1 you buy.
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