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How a good thing went so very bad....

The story of the .41magnum in US gun circles is not a pretty one.

The design & intended use of the caliber showed promise but the size, weight & US sales all showed that the .41magnum wasn't really that popular or even needed by most revolver users.
Retired Detroit MI law enforcement officer & gun writer; Evan Marshal wrote years ago of using a S&W model 58 DA revolver as a sidearm. He & his patrol partner packed P35 9x19mm pistols as 2nd guns.
He said in US law enforcement, the .41mag didn't impress a lot of cops & the weight/recoil made it's use for patrol officers unpopular.

As you stated, the .44spl offers a lot for a DA .44magnum owner. The smaller .357magnum, with the 125gr JHP was a standard carry round for decades with excellent results.
There are still a few .41magnum revolvers in the gun industry but it's use isn't as strong as the 1970s/1980s.
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