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Rossi vs Charter Arms

So I check with my local Academy Sports today to see how sparse ammo was and was sorta surprised to see plenty of .38 spl ammo in Monarch or WWB. I mainly carry a 642 so thats cool. No .357/9mm/.45/.22 LR...although the clerk admitted they had lots of 9mm in the morning after the Friday shipment arrived...for about 30 min. Now all gone.

Gun selection pretty thin too - which brings me to my next question:

Saw both a Rossi 3" bbl .44 mag and a Charter Arms Bulldog in .44 spl. Clerk admitted both had been on the shelves for about a month with no takers - $369 for the Rossi and $399 for the Charter. Sign of the times price-wise I guess.

I've always been interested in the .44 spl as a carry round, and am leaning to the Rossi, but am interested in hearing opinions. I'm in no hurry - I'm not crazy about about buying a revolver that I can't get ammo for, but if you were interested in getting either for .44 spl, which one would you go with?

Yeah I know - carried alot - shot a little - maybe a box a month. The Rossi was kinda nice looking with a dark black finish. The fit and finish and construction on the Charter surprisingly looked pretty good and was a good weight for carry.
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