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I've got news for you, but benchrest rifles aren't worth a s^#t while NOT on the bench.
If you mean they are not as accurate when shot from anywhere except a bench you are wrong! Benchrest rifles are superb varmint rifles, but too expensive for anything except relatively frequent prairie dog shoots in the hands of those who can afford the rifles. Bench rest rifles would make superb mountain hunting rifles if the hunter could afford to pay someonne to carry the gun.

I do not own any bench rest rifles but I have shot a couple of extremely expensive ($10,000-$14,000) models. The shooter must still shoot, but the rifles are EXTREMELY accurate. I am not kidding. I believe I am better at shooting a rifle than any other firearm, but those benchrest rifles were phenomenal.

PS: I have glass bedded the action and recoil lugs and free floated the barrels of all of my hunting rifles for more than 30 years. Friends have had me do it to their rifles. The results have always been improved accuracy. Of course that doesn't mean it will always work on every rifle for every shooter, but it has been 100% success in my experience.

PSS: wpsdlrg, I apologize if this response was offensive - that was not the intent. I simply wanted to respond based on more than 55 years of my own rifle shooting experience and the experience of relatives who are or were competitive benchrest shooters.
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