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I'm hung up on the 1911 45 for one reason. It will put the big bad guy down. Everyone will not agree but it was made for that reason. I do agree that shot placement is important and yes I agree that a 22 is way underated for self defence.The old 38 special is about as good a revolver as you can keep on hand especially one that will handle the + P rated ammo. Just try to shoot the firearm at lest once a month just to keep the feel of the gun your going to use. It should be just a part of your body. It would be a very bad day to have your own firearm took away from you and used on you and maybe the family members you are tring to protect. It is a good idea for people to take shooting classes or if you know someone that can help you get the trainning needed to help you out it can't hurt anything just to know you know your ready in a moments notice. If going with a bp pistol is what your going to keep on hand than get out there and learn to put those balls in the place they need to go. My one prayer is I never need to find out.

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