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My choice was made in 1968. i will not agree to any gun control-period.

The anti-gunners have been able to drive a wedge between hunters, shooters and us awful folks who support the NRA.

We have people on pro-gun boards who are willing to subject themselves to governmant mandated regulation in order to sell their guns. We have others who are willing to outlaw those awful high capacity magazines. Some don't like those awful black guns that "spray and spray" bullets.

The anti-gunners are doing it right this time around. They are hitting hard at the onset of a new administration. They will pass some of their useless feel good gun control schemes and get away scot free at election time because many gunowners will not remember or will not care which political hack voted to take away their gun rights.

Then we have the "me" folks. These are the ones who only care about "me". i've personally heard gunowners say: "i've got my AR-15, why should i care if they pass an AWB". Politicians can mandate registration of semi-auto guns later simply outlaw them. That has happened in CA and NJ.

Do not ever assume that because a national politician belongs to a certain party that he/she will support your Second Amendment rights. The AWB passed the US house by a vote of 216-214. 38 Republicans voted for the AWB, 76 Democrats voted no.

i'm bent out of shape because our previously pro-gun OK senator Coburn and senator Schumer are formulating a plan to take way our gun rights.
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