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Are you using a Dillon 450, one of the older models? I have five of them dedicated to individual calibers, and I use the following procedure to get very consistent bottleneck ammo:

1. Deprime on a Rockchucker with RCBS Universal Depriming Die. Fast and easy, no broken depriming pins.
2. Size and trim on another Rockchucker with the Dillon 1200 trimmer mounted.
3. Tumble clean cases, and this accomplishes a good deburring of the case mouth, both inside and out. Good enough for plinking, and I hand deburr and chamfer for match ammo.
4. Reprime on my benchmounted RCBS Autoprime to get accurate seating depth by feel.
5. Go to the Dillon to charge, seat, and some times crimp the bullet.

Yes this is a lot of work, but in reloading something over 150,000 rounds of ammo I have yet to load a squib and I don't use a powder check die. I just try to be careful with each step, and concentrate on what I'm doing.
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