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I have not engaged in any of this panic B.S. I do have around 5000 rounds of 22LR as well as around 600=/- rounds of .223, 1000+/- of 9mm, 800 rounds of .38spl, 200 rounds of .357mag, and a few hundred of 20ga. I don't know how long this will last but I think a pretty long time as it is the depth of winter here and I only get out to shoot once a month or so as weather allows and have been to the indoor range only twice this winter. I will shoot more in a few months but I'm still not worried. I can live the dozen firearms I have and already have 2 AR-15s.
I did pick up 2 50 rd boxes of Winchester WB 38spl at Wallyworld for $18.98 apiece yesterday. Good enough price, not great but within reasonable range.
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