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Blue Sky I believe was the largest "importer" (or perhaps more accurately re-importer) of carbines over the past several decades.
Before the hype of late which has driven virtually all carbines up, "imports" were ones often said to shy away from and going, generally, in the $400-650 range in the past decade or two (notwithstanding Big 5's often inflated prices for what often is junk, at least cosmetically).

As the 40+ year owner of a an inherited, genuine unmolested (including un-refit) '44 Inland, and having handled and shot many other "pure GI's" over the years, I was one of those pooh-poohing the Blue Sky's and their ilk. However, I've changed my tune a bit. Having purchased a GI import a few years ago that thoroughly fooled me it wasn't one 'til a smith showed me the very faint and much smaller than normal font import marks on the underside of the barrel (vs usual side) I had taken to be a scratch where something was scraped across the barrel...I now say "it all depends." As I've discovered, some like mine are a "no issue gun," same as many "regular GI's." All being an "import" means is that the gun has an even more unknown (but admittedly also sometimes apparent poor) use and storage history, having been in usually unknown conditions overseas. But, like me, you can luck out and end up with one with no "worse" use/abuse than an above average-or-better condition non-import. Since my purchase I've seen/handled many "worthy" imports.
In short, don't reject an "import" 'til thoroughly checking it out.
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