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"If you think you can categorize anti-gunners that easily, you need to do some more research. The fact is that you can find anti-gun and pro-gun persons in virtually any category, ethnicity, demographic or political leaning."

Funny, every scientific poll I have seen shows the exact opposite. But why not just pretend - I like that. Pretend world. P.C. world.

"Whether someone owns a gun is a more powerful predictor of a person’s political party than her gender, whether she identifies as gay or lesbian, whether she is Hispanic, whether she lives in the South or a number of other demographic characteristics." (BTW I love the gender equality of the NYT)

Facts are stubborn things.

Here is one party's official platform.

Here is another party's official platform

I am torn between the two, the platforms seem to be exactly the same. I can't tell any difference. Living here in California, I've noticed we have the same general legal scheme for firearms as Montana and New York and Idaho are mirror images and Illinois, Maryland et al are the same as Wyoming. Yes it is just all the same. Makes no difference. I feel so good now.

Kumbaya - We all equally love firearms. Kumbaya
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