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Not meaning to hijack the thread with reloading talk, but while the partition is a great bullet that has stood the test of time, a 140 gr. might not get full expansion, especially at longer ranges, unless she hits the deer squarely in the shoulder bone. They are really tough bullets. I'd consider the 140 gr. partition closer to an elk load. Personally I'd stick to 130's for whitetails. The extra velocity will aid in expansion and shoot a little flatter at the same time with slightly less recoil. But that is just my opinion and your results may vary. RL-19 is a good powder, as well as RL-22, IMR4350, and H4831. I havent dabbled in reloading as much as my father who loaded for his .270 for years among other calibers, but all those powders have decent results in a .25-06. A .270 should like similar powders. Try some different primers as they can make more of an accuracy difference than one might think.

Not trying to tell you what to do, Im sure you have more experience reloading than I do anyway. I'm still wet behind the ears. I just like to get in a good reloading conversation every now and then. I usually end up learning something.

Ok, sorry OP. Now back to hunting rifle advice
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