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No revolver is more accurate than my python that I know of, and many other python owners agree.
What vintage is your Python? How many do you have? Have you shot them from a ransom rest?

I feel about Pythons as you do about 5 screws. The demand for Pythons is crazy when you think about it. They're definitely not worth the going rate as shooters. Of course however, as a gun collector myself, the rare and interesting variants interest me. Here is one of the Python variants I would like to own, a first generation Python. This one is also a first year gun, 1XX. My friend got one a while back and there is one literally down the street from me, but the guy doesn't want to sell at this time. You probably saw that auction about a year ago for a 2 digit Python on gunbroker? Crazy money, but a great gun as well.

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