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Had a conversation with a gun shop owner today

I have a nice income tax refund coming back in a few weeks so I have been thinking about buying a 22LR double action revolver with a 6" barrel. I really want a Smith and Wesson 617 so I stopped in at a local shop I rarely go to to see what they had or if they could order one for me.
The owner was not behind the counter but sitting in a chair in the middle of the shop. Our conversation went like this:
Him: "Let me know if you need anything."
Me: "I'm thinking about buying a Smith and Wesson 617 with a six inch barrel, you probably don't have one do you?"
Him: "No, that'll probably cost you between $700 and $800. Do they still make them?"
That took me aback a bit but I replied, "As far as I know, have you heard that they stopped making them?"
"No, I've just haven't seen one in awhile."
I was thinking this conversation was not going well but I pressed on, "Could you check to see if they are available?"
He dragged his butt out of the chair and went behind the counter, got a book and opened it. "Hmm, they make them in 4 or 6 inch. stainless steel."
He closes the book and walks around from behind the counter.
I expected him to either make a call or check a computer but he says and does nothing.
After a few seconds I ask, "Well, what are the chances of me getting one?"
As he say back down in his chair he responds, "I sold a used one awhile ago."
I wondered what they went for used so I asked, "How much did you get for it?"
He thinks for a bit and says, "I don't remember, maybe $600."
"I think I'd like to see about getting one." I said to him.
"It will probably run you $700 or $800 dollars" He says, not moving from his chair.
I am now frustrated with him so I turn to leave but before I do, I glance behind the counter at his ammo and he had some 20 round boxes of PMS .223 Bronze. I ask him how much it was per box.
He tells me they are $22, too much I paid $6 two months ago, so I left the shop, thanking him...I don't know why!
As I got into my Jeep, I wondered what the hell happened in there. Like I said I rarely go into his shop so I don't really know him but it seemed like he had no interest in selling me a firearm. Granted, I didn't tell him to get up and call a wholesaler but I didn't think I needed to spell it out to him how to do his business. It was a very weird experience.
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